A safe and confidential space for you to address your concerns

Who I am

My name is Sandra Timbrell.  I am a mature aged woman who enjoys assisting people in reaching their goals in life in a collaborative and respectful manner.

My background as a social worker has been in the areas of Aged and Disability, assisting people in accessing services and supportive counselling over the last 20 years.

I value working with people collaboratively to reach their goals and improve their relationships and quality of life and also teaching skills to navigate challenging times in their life.

I am of mature age and have a warm and empathic approach with people to provide a safe space for people to explore and deal with their concerns.

I offer Christian counselling as well as opportunities for people to explore their spirituality when appropriate.

About SLT Counselling Services
Empathic and Confidential Space Approach

How I can help

I use a range of therapeutic approaches that are tailored to the person’s concerns within an empathic and confidential space that will improve relationships, coping skills leading to a calmer and more fulfilling life.

My social work understanding of people in society adds to my counselling skills.

What I offer 

 A safe place for issues to be explored and addressed to overcome what is impacting on your life.

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss

There are many losses in life. Loss of a loved one or a job.  There can be grief of any circumstance that has meaning for the person.  Explore the meaning of loss to create a new normal perspective of the loss.

Relationship Problems

Relationship problems

Are you experiencing conflict in your relationships?  Partner, family, children, work, or friends?

Communications skills will improve the quality of important relationships by reducing miscommunication.


Aged and Disability

My extensive experience in the Aged and Disability sectors can help with carer issues and personal counselling.  I can assist with navigating these systems for relevant support services.



Is there a dark cloud hanging over your life?  Explore this dark cloud by understanding its origins and dealing with the negative thinking and feelings that accompany depression.

Health concerns

Do you have a health condition that impacts on your relationships and quality of  life?   Explore what these impacts are and how to maximise your emotional, physical and spiritual functioning    



Learn new skills and explore what is driving your addictions and making  healthier lifestyle choices. 

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I am happy to have no obligation chat to answer any questions you may before you decide to have counselling. 

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